1. Sell your stuff and make money from home, without dealing with a buyer – that means no annoying phone calls or messages, no need to travel to meet up with anyone, no haggling and people trying to bring your price down, the safety of dealing with an established company & not a random person, and a customer service always available to help!
  2. Buy from a collection of professionally photographed items, delivered straight to your home clean, packaged, and with a receipt.
  3. Buy store clearance products at deep discounts.

There are no phone calls and messages, meet ups, and haggling on Cizlo. This means trust and security of dealing directly and only with a company - not an individual - so no scams, and our customer service team is always available to help.

When you sell on OLX or Facebook, it’s a huge headache. You receive lots of phone calls & messages and must give up your time to physically travel to meet the buyer, who might be far away. All while they are haggling and trying to bring your price down. With no security or protection whatsoever, there have been lots of stories of people getting mugged, or worse.

When you buy, you must filter through lots of photos, usually taken on a phone with a cluttered background behind, and from only one angle. You then meet the seller and inspect the product to make sure you're not wasting your time and that you’re getting something that actually looks like the photos that were posted. And if you do buy it, what happens if the product you bought was a scam? How would you reach them if they turn off or change their phone number?

No, we find you a buyer for the products you post. Cizlo is the connection between seller and buyer.

We do price research for all requests and give you a recommended price anyway. If you don’t know the price for your item, you can use our suggested price. If you have a price in mind, you can choose it, but we still give you the recommendation. In all cases, you get the final say.

We take 15% from the posted price of your item. This is the price that is posted on the website, which the buyer pays when they order. This means that if it’s posted on Cizlo for 100 EGP and gets sold, you get 85 EGP and we take 15 EGP. If you want a certain payout, for example if you wanted the 100 EGP, then you would post it on the website for 117.5 EGP. In this case we would take 17.5 EGP and give you 100 EGP. However, make sure that by choosing your final payout, you’re not making the posted price too expensive.

No, our commission is deducted from your payout only after the item sells.

Fashion: all items except wedding dresses

Electronics: only sealed electronics & console games

Home & Office: small accessories, furniture & equipment (has to be sealed if it’s electronic)

Baby & Kids: accessories & toys/games (has to be sealed if it’s electronic)

Your selling portal shows you your requests, posted items, sold items, total payout, and wallet balance.

We deliver it to the buyer straight away from our warehouse.

Your Cizlo wallet shows you how much money you have in the balance. When your item sells, your payout is added to the balance. You can then use that money to buy stuff from Cizlo, or cash out using:

  1. Our end of month cash delivery
  2. Pick up any time from our office
  3. Bank account deposit/transfer

You can choose to either extend the contract further, or we deliver your items back to you, free of charge.

You pay the consignment cancellation fee written in the contract, and get it delivered back to you.

You browse our items, add what you want to your cart, checkout by filling in your address & choosing a delivery method, and we’ll call you to confirm one day before delivery.

  1. New with tag – This product is pre-owned but has not been used yet, and the tag is still on it.
  2. Store Clearance – This product is brand new, from a merchant, who is selling it at a big discount.

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Cizlo is an online marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned products from the comfort of home. We provide you with a trusted source of high-quality goods from a wide range of categories at jaw dropping prices – all delivered straight to your doorstep. If you want to sell, we make it as simple as few clicks and we handle the rest.

Headquarters: 30 Bahgat Ali St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

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Email: hello@cizlo.com

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